Waukee Board of Education Names the Second High School
May 28, 2019

Waukee Board of Education Names the Second High School

As we worked through the facility naming of our second high school in the Waukee Community School District, we want to take the time to pause and enjoy this exciting opportunity our students and staff have ahead of them. The quality education and dedication from our staff will not waiver and will continue to be enhanced no matter the name of the facility.

The Board voted tonight and selected from the community submissions and feedback, Waukee Northwest High School as the name of Waukee Community School District’s second high school.  As themes began to emerge from community submissions and feedback, it was clear our community favored directional names, i.e. North, Northfield, West.

The name Northwest reflects the direction from the geographic core of our original district buildings. The growth surrounding our core is directionally based but is rooted in history, tying in the historical aspect and future development of our district.

In March, an initial survey was sent out to solicit names from the community including; parents, staff, and students. From those submissions, a follow-up feedback request form was sent to the community which yielded 1,555 responses.

The submissions were vetted through legal counsel to make sure all trademark, license and copyright processes were followed. Ultimately the process did eliminate several contenders based on other schools, organizations or businesses with the same or similar names.

We understand growth remains a large part of our district. There will be more boundary changes as we add the second high school, the tenth elementary, future middle-level and elementary schools. Change and adaptation are at the forefront of our district and the ability to navigate those opportunities is exciting. Waukee CSD will continue to monitor growth and projections as we determine the need for new buildings and boundaries associated with those changes.

As a reminder, the naming of the facility was Phase 1, the mascots and colors will be Phase two and we aim to have those completed by Fall 2019. We look forward to the exciting opportunities ahead of us and we hope you will share in the excitement.