May 16, 2016

Waukee Community School District and the City of Waukee Embark on Joint High School and Sports Complex Project

The Waukee City Council approved purchase agreements on a total of 160 acres of land north of Hickman Road and east of 10th Street in Waukee. The purchase agreements are integral in the efforts to build both a second high school within the Waukee Community School District as well as a City of Waukee-owned sports complex. Both the Waukee City Council and Waukee Community School District’s Board approved a 28E agreement on May 9, meaning the two entities will be collaborating on this project.

“We often team up with the school district on big projects in an effort to utilize funds in the most efficient way, such as the new Joint Transportation Facility that’s currently under construction,” said Waukee Mayor William F. Peard. “We assessed the needs of both students and community members. The district knows it’s outgrowing its original high school and we know there’s huge resident demand for more outdoor recreation spaces. This is a win-win.”

Approximately 2/3 of the land will include the new high school building, parking, track, four ball fields, practice fields and a pond. The City’s 1/3 portion of the property will include 12 softball/baseball fields and parking. One of those fields is being held as a potential field to serve individuals with disabilities, should the need and support be identified in Waukee.

With the 28E agreement and purchase agreements approved, the framework is set for the second high school and sports complex project. The tentative timeline is as follows:

  • Summer 2016: Joint site master planning process begins
  • Spring 2017: Joint site master planning process completed
  • Early 2018: School bond referendum takes place for the new high school
  • Spring 2018: Construction on the site begin
  • Spring 2021: Softball/baseball fields open (tentative
  • Fall 2021: Second high school opens to students

With an expected the opening year of 2021, students in the classes of 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025 could be the first to attend the second high school.

“The school district has been watching enrollment projections and planning, knowing that a second high school would eventually be needed. Identifying the site for the proposed school was the first step. Facility design, programming and boundary decisions will all be part of the work over the next several years for this major undertaking. Community and staff input will be an integral part of that work,” said Waukee Superintendent Dr. David Wilkerson. “Partnering with the City of Waukee will create economies for both entities, sharing in certain development costs in an effort to most efficiently use taxpayer dollars.”

A lot of discussion and planning has gone into this joint initiative, and City and district leaders say it would not be happening without the support and flexibility of the current landowners. The land will be sold by the Edward J. Broderick Family Trust and Norma R. Broderick, as well as, the William J. and Joanna M. McCarthy Family.