Waukee Community School District is preparing to open a second high school in 2021 with the support of staff, students, parents and community members. The following are frequently asked questions (FAQs) received from stakeholders. Please note, we will post submitted questions and answers as information is available and decisions have been made.

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Will the new high school have a pool to support the swimming and diving team? If not, where will the new high school team plan to hold swim practice since the current high school uses the Waukee YMCA pool?

No, the second high school will not have a pool. Pools are expensive, not only to build but to maintain.

Estimated Construction Costs:

  • $870,000 Architect/Design
  • $11.8 million Construction (General Contractor)
  • $200,000 Technology and Signage

Estimated Ongoing Annual Maintenance Costs:

  • $90,000 on utilities
  • $25,000 on chemicals and supplies
  • $150,000+ on salaries and benefits for three full-time employees to manage the facility (Aquatics Director, Assistant Aquatics Director, Custodian).

Building a pool is not a fiscally responsible decision for our district. As we look at our five-year financial forecast, the district cannot afford the ongoing maintenance cost and keep up with the required classroom staffing needs due to increased enrollment.

Swimming is not the only sport that will not have a district-owned facility to practice and compete in. The second high school will also not have a bowling alley but it will have a bowling team.

The district will continue to explore options with our community partners for additional time and space to support the swimming program.

What are upcoming key dates for this process?
  • Spring 2018: Comprehensive Boundary Process Begins
  • February 6, 2018: Bond Issue Vote for second high school
Where will Waukee Community School District’s second high school be located?

Waukee Community School District’s second high school will be located approximately ½ mile north of Hickman Road, along and to the east of 10th Street, and south of a future westward expansion of Douglas Parkway in Waukee. This project will be a part of a 160-acre development between the City of Waukee and the Waukee Community School District.

Is the district planning to provide more parking than we have at the current high school?

Yes. The schematic layout of the facility, coupled with shared space with the City of Waukee will allow for adequate parking.

Will there be a feeder system established for the two high schools?

A plan for the physical transition of students to new buildings will be developed during the district’s Boundary Committee work. This work will start during the 2017-18 school year. A recommendation will go to Board of Education in December of 2018.

Have the members been selected for the Boundary Committee? If not, how would I go about volunteering?

The district is in the process of finalizing the committee members for the upcoming boundary committee. If you would like to be considered for future district committees please complete our volunteer form. There is a question that asks: Are you interested in volunteering for a District-level committee (i.e. Boundary, focus groups, etc.)?

When will the boundary process start for the second high school and radiant elementary school?
  • Spring 2018: Comprehensive Boundary Process Begins