The concept for the new building was developed through an interactive process over six months between FRK Architects & Engineers (FRK), district administration and a visioning committee comprised of parents, students, staff and community members.

In a series of three evening visioning sessions, the committee learned about current standards and trends in high schools around the country, reviewed multiple layouts from newer high schools and then using an interactive and hands-on process, created building layouts to reflect district values. Feedback from the committee was used to create the conceptual layout which includes several collaborative spaces necessary to achieve academic goals in the future.

Thank You

Special thank you to the members of the Second High School Visioning Committee who gave up their evenings to help give vision, direction and form to the design of this project.

Second High School Visioning Committee Members

Theresa Best

Laura Calvert

Jay Dahl

Brad Deets

Jim Duea

Charlie Folsom

Jenna Herr

Emma Huisman

Terry Hurlburt

Kirk Johnson

Cary Justmann

Linda Kirkland

John Kotz

Lindsay Law

Nicole Lawrence

Quin Linkvis

Joy Linquist

Jackson Linquist

Amy Llewellyn

Ali Locker

Cindi McDonald

Roderick McDonald

Blaise McDonald

Kathryn Mosiman

Pat Nehls

Nikki Opsal

James Patten

Sarah Peters

Jason Rand

Lily Rand

Melanie Rippin

Carrie Roach

Judi Roland

Natalie Ross

Mary Scheve

Tracy Spackman

Tatum Starcevich

Chris Strohmaier

Mary Claire Summers

Tucker Summers

Paula Tomlinson

Adam Werley