Waukee Community School District continues to be the fastest growing school district in Iowa, gaining an average of 500 students each year. The district works with RSP & Associates (RSP) to project enrollment growth for each elementary and secondary facility.

RSP has more than 20 years of planning experience and a projection accuracy rate of 97%. The data they provide has allowed the Board of Education and district administrators to make informed decisions and plan for future infrastructure needs.

In RSP’s newest report, released December 2016, they were able to identify three key facts about Waukee Community School District:

  1. Enrollment is projected to increase over the next five years by 400-600 students annually.
  2. Over the next five years, the district will continue to have some capacity concerns.
    • Waukee High School will be at capacity by 2018/19, however, the APEX program and space at the Waukee Innovation and Learning Center is and will assist with some of the high school’s short term capacity needs until the second high school opens.
  3. There are significant areas of vacant land that when they are developed will have a drastic effect on future enrollment.